The humanities are academic disciplines which study the human condition, including literature, history, art, music and much more. 

Course Descriptions:

To learn about a particular course, use the Table of Contents below. Simply click on a course to see what you will learn in that course.

Art Foundations 12

This course provides a broad range of opportunities to create and communicate through images. It involves a hands-on exploration of the elements of art through drawing, painting, clay work, printmaking and other 2D and 3D forms.

Communications 11 and 12

Communications provides an alternative to English 11 and English 12. These courses provide practical communication skills. Both courses include four core skill areas: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Communications 12 meets the English requirement for graduation.

English 11

English 11 will provide students with an appreciation for literary work in both
prose and poetry and for current modes of communications. It is an excellent course to take for students who want to prepare for English 12.

English 12

English 12 will focus on enhancing reading, writing, listening and speaking skills through responding to fiction and non-fiction prose and poetry. The course includes a review of language usage, grammar and essay writing in its various forms. This course meets Ministry of Education requirements for English 12 and English Language requirements for
entry to post-secondary programs.

Family Management 12

This course will help students to develop an understanding of self in relation to
others, and develop skills and knowledge for effective life management in order to
become active and contributing members of the community and society. Essays and independent research form the basis for assessment, however students may wish to present their work in other ways such as video, collage, photographs, interviews.

BC First Nations Studies 12

This course focuses on the cultures of British Columbia’s Aboriginal peoples. BCFN12 addresses the richness and diversity of First Nations languages and culture. It is designed to introduce authentic Aboriginal content into the curriculum and provides an opportunity
for BC students to acquire an understanding of the traditions, history and present realities of BC Aboriginal peoples.

Law 12

Through the study of various aspects of law: Tort Law, Family Law, Contract Law,
and Criminal Law, students will be given the opportunity to develop their own attitudes, values and thinking skills which they can apply to their personal lives as
well-educated citizens.

Social Studies 11

Social Studies 11 is divided into three sections: History, Government and Geography. Students will be introduced to a variety of topics including world population, world hunger, and environmental issues. Students will gain insight into philosophies of major political parties and the workings of our constitution and charter.

Human Services 12A (Psychology)

The intent of this course is to provide students with a basic background in psychology, which will ladder into psychology at the college level. In this course you will learn the vocabulary of psychology and about human adjustment, abnormal behavior, social development, personality theories and stress. Skills and careers in psychology, health care and human services will be researched.

English Foundations

The academic upgrading program recognizes the needs of learners who wish to improve their skills in reading and writing. The purpose of this program is to build the skills and confidence necessary to allow learners to successfully complete courses needed for adult graduation. This program is offered at three levels to provide different starting points depending on need and ability level. We offer classroom instruction, independent study, and computer–assisted learning for extra practice in reading and writing. Students may choose from: English Foundations Levels 2, 4, and 6.

Early Literacy

While our Adult Learning Centre serves most of those who need improvement with reading and writing skills, our centre does not offer courses to those learning the basics of reading and writing. The links below will guide those who are in need of learning how to read and write starting with the fundamental basics.

Yuthuythut Adult Training Centre (a division of Cowichan Tribes)

The Reading & Writing Centre (a division of VIU)