Information Technology

Welcome to the support page for Information Technology!

Below are several links which will take you to various websites on the internet to help support your learning. These links are organized by the Unit packages you receive while working through the course at the Adult Learning Centre.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you are having difficulty viewing any of the content through this webpage...

Typing Tutor - NEW!

If you are currently a member of an Info Tech class, you can use your username and password from class to access the typing tutor. 

If you are not a student taking this class at CALC, you will need to see Mel to set up your free account before you can begin.

Computer Vocabulary -

Have a vocabulary question that needs answering? Many computer terms can be searched for through (an online computer dictionary). "TechTerms" does not have all the answers though. Talk to a friend, use Google to search for the term, or talk to a teacher is you are missing a definition and need clarification.

Mouse Games.

Need to practice using your mouse? Here are links to some games which you can play free online that will help with your mouse skills. Be careful! While these games may seem childish they are highly addictive!
Minesweeper - a strategy game where you must flag all mines (right click) without "stepping" on any (left click).
The Penguin Restaurant - a game to improve tracking with the mouse and single clicking (my kids love this one!)
Feed the Tarantula - drag this beast around and give him a shake! Double-click on the table to feed her a tasty treat.
Destroy the Monsters - track your mouse and strategize where to click so that your rocket destroys the evil monsters.

Note: Your computer will need to have updated "flash" software in order to play most of these games.

Unit 1: Computers Inside & Out

Learning the parts of the computer is one aspect of your first assignment (Unit 1). The website,, has a variety of free lessons for beginning, intermediate, and advanced computer users. You DO NOT have to visit the links below in order to complete Unit 1, however, they provide valuable insight and practice of the skills being learned.

The lessons relevant to our first assignment are...

Unit 2: Introduction to Windows

If you are using a PC, chances are the Operating System [ie. the program which runs all other applications on your computer] is Windows. Early on it is important to become accustomed to how to use your Operating System that you have on your computer.

If you have Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 take the time to view this video which demonstrates many of the new features of this operating system.

If you are using Windows 7, here are 2 links to help you learn about the features of the Windows 7 operating system:

Unit 3 - Using WordPad

The Basics on How to Use WordPad

Formatting Text

Printing a WordPad document

Unit 4: Windows and File Management

Looking for practice with creating folders? Need more practice with copy, paste, cut, rename, and delete? 

Along with each folder will be instructions of what to do to "clean them up".

Unit 6: Internet and Email

Click here to learn how to email pictures.

What is a "scam"? What is "phishing"? We are all concerned about fraudulent emails. Click here to learn what a "phishing" email (scam!) looks like so you don't get caught unaware.