Information Technology - iPad & Tablets

This page is to support students taking Foundations of Information Technology - Use of iPad / Tablet. 

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Units 1 - 3:

GCF LearnFree - One Great Resource.

Need more information on how to use your device to it's full potential? Click on the image below which suits your device, left for Android, right for iPad...

Android Basics
iPad Basics

The Best iPad Tips.
Look no further for a quick refresher on the basics, awesome tricks, and for a downloadable guide for your iPad*.

The Best Android Tips.
Are you using a Samsung device? 
Look no further for a quick refresher on the basics and awesome tricks!

How the Internet Works ... in 5 minutes.

This video is a great summary of how the internet is beamed to each of our devices...enjoy!

Unit 4:

Dictation Commands.

Using voice-to-text is a powerful way to "type" in your device. Want to talk to your device and need tips on how to manage grammar and punctuation?

Unit 5:

Eva and David's Top Apps.

Are you looking for a good app for your tablet? 

Do you know of a good app and would like to share? 

If you would like, please add your top app(s) to the page. The more the merrier! Don't see an appropriate category? Create a new one! Also, if you know how, please add a link to your app so that a visitor to the page could click on your app and learn more before trying it.

Unit 6: Internet Safety and Backing Up the iPad

Part A

Part B

Backing It Up
Our district offers free online storage of files for students! Cloud storage is through an app called, OwnCloud. If you have never heard of OwnCloud, click here for detailsThe video below is to become familiar with how to use OwnCloud...

YouTube Video

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