Unit 4 - File Management Practice

Practice 1. Messed Up Pictures.

This link (click on this line of text) will take you to a folder called "Messed up Pictures"

When you click the link above, a new window will open on your computer that looks like this...

Click the word "File" under the title "Messed Up Pictures.zip" (top left corner).

A menu will drop down. Select "Download" from this menu. Your browser (ie. Internet Explorer or Firefox) will then show you that a folder has downloaded to your computer. Click "Open" to access the folder and start your organizing.

To Organize the items in this folder, follow these instructions:

a)  Open the “Friends” folder and move all items out of this folder which do not belong as a member of “Friends”. Put them back within the main “Messed Up Pictures” window.

b)  Create a folder calledPets” in the “Messed Up Pictures” window. Move all pictures of pets into this folder.

c)  Inside the “Pets” folder create a second copy of the goldfish picture and leave the copy and original inside the “Pets” folder (you have 2 goldfish as pets!).

d)  Move all pictures of friends into the “Friends” folder.

e)  Move all pictures of Hawaii into the “Hawaii” folder.

f)   Delete the picture called “Delete Me”.

g)  Rename the “Messed Up Pictures” folder to “Organized Pictures

Messed Up Pictures.zip
Mel Burgess,
26 Jun 2013, 09:42