Online Courses

For students who need the added flexibility of working on courses outside of our regular class hours it is possible to work through several of our courses online. Click here to see a list of courses which can be accessed onlineWith approval you can receive work from our centre digitally. Please note that any test(s) which are part of a course must be written at our centre or with an accredited adjudicator.
In order to access our online courses you will need to:
  1. Be a registered student. Not registered yet? No problem. Click here to learn how.
  2. Have submitted your first completed assignment in the course. Once you submit your first assignment you will be issued a student number which you will need in order to qualify for online course access.
  3. Commit. All students wishing to work in an "online fashion" will need to be highly motivated learners.
  4. Communicate. Working online doesn't mean you are on your own. On the contrary, your instructor will give you loads of invaluable feedback, helping you navigate your way through your learning journey. Remember, our centre is different from other centres because you are always welcome to come in and get help when you are stuck. You will be required to connect directly with your teacher at least 2 times during any course.
Ready? Simply contact us directly, or fill out the form below to get started. The details you provide will be collected and you will receive an email from your teacher directly.

Here we go!

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